About Navigator

Executive Search is our primary area of service to our clients from the very start in 2002. Navigator offers customized, integrated, high-quality, research-based executive search services. We successfully access specific markets to match companies executives and management needs with the ideal candidates. We help organizations achieve competitiveness and success in today’s challenging business environment. We achieve this by assisting you to identify and recruit the best possible professionals and management teams for your needs. We deliver on this commitment through hands-on service provided directly by our consultants.

In the more than 15 years that Navigator has been active on the Dutch market, we have established long-term partnerships with small to large-sized multinationals, family owned companies and private-equity (PE) backed Dutch companies with strong ambitions.

Experienced professionals

We want to provide outstanding service to our clients. Our culture is entrepreneurial and sensitive to local markets. We are able to react quickly to our clients’ needs. Meeting client expectations depends on the united efforts of our expert consultants, treating candidates with professional respect and working in partnership with all stakeholders.

Longterm business partnerships

Our effectiveness is built on the strength of our network; our personal relations with clients and candidates, no nonsense mentality and honesty. We build long term relations based on mutual trust and want to act as a true business partner. We want to have a deep knowledge of our clients’ business, markets and culture. All this is critical in finding and recommending the right person for the right position. Each assignment is therefore the personal responsibility of one of our consultants who oversees the search from brief to completion.

Trusted advisor

We strive to have the finest listening skills in the world of executive search. This is necessary in order to identify the true needs of each of our clients. We listen carefully, react quickly and offer coherent advice. This is the key to our success and earns us partnership status in the eyes of our clients. We see ourselves as a ‘trusted advisor’; a search company that wants to inspire, guide and amplify executives in their career opportunities. On the other hand our commitment is to meet companies needs by applying current best-practices to the search process, assessing and identifying the ideal candidates and deliver superior client service and satisfaction.

Cultural fit

We help to find the best people and build successful teams. We want find leaders who are in tune with your markets and the culture of your organization. We believe in a cultural fit. We want to connect candidates with the most optimal position and environment.

Our Clients