Executive Search

Executive Search is our primary area of service to our clients. We help to find the best people and build successful (management) teams. We want to find leaders who are in tune with your markets and the culture or DNA of your organization. In a world where resumees or CVs are available everywhere on the internet, we add value and insight to the identification of singularly viable candidates. Our work is founded on a comprehensive, disciplined approach that ensures finding suitable candidates who match above and beyond your requirements. Our approach enables us to respond with a rapid and deep understanding of your needs. We deliver an effective, rigorous and comprehensive approach to all our executive searches, and to ensure we meet your needs precisely.

Interim Management

Navigator has more than fifteen years of experience in recruiting, selecting and coaching interim managers. We have access to a broad group of potential candidates in the area of Finance, Human Resources and (e)Commerce. Interim Management has been implemented effectively in a variety of job functions in organisations spanning many sectors, with great diversity in the tasks at hand. The selection of the very best-suited interim manager is always our prime consideration.

Interim Managers provide their services priced at a daily rate of payment. This means the cost of hire is easily calculable. Rates are often set on the understanding of measurable goals and objectives being achieved, not just on the basis of attendance. The money an Interim Manager saves a business versus the cost of hire can often provide extremely lucrative ROI figure. Working with Navigator gives you the immediate access to our select pool of proven Interim Managers who have the knowledge, experience and gravitas necessary to step into leadership roles with immediate impact, and help ease your organisation through the diverse challenges and periods of transition that businesses so often face in today's economy.

Private Equity

Because of our long standing track record in placement of senior executives and interest in building management teams in an entrepreneurial environment we have become a true business partner for private equity and venture capital companies. We have developed a full service approach for these portfolio companies, in some situations accompanied with Management Buy In.

Management Scan

Team effectiveness and -composition; for our clients and investors, we optimise, redirect and develop their management teams. As we know, senior management can make or break a business. As individuals, they’re responsible for delivering results and growth. We understand the subtleties of people and what drives them, so that investors have a detailed view of the team they are investing in.
The Navigator Management Scan provides the team by an objective, insightful perspective on each individual in the team, and on the team as a whole, highlighting strengths and areas to build on to hit the business growth aspirations.

The Navigator Management Scan identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the team. The scan discloses competences that are already available and those that are needed. It also helps to decide on which team members you to have to cherish or perhaps replace.

The Navigator Management Scan standard approach:

  1. Team clarification session to understand context and provide mutual direction
  2. Individual questionnaire and -coach session to gain insight on personal behaviour and drives
  3. Putting together the findings and decide on steps to improve team effectiveness and/or team composition

Board search

The rapid pace of change confronting small medium enterprises has heightened the need for leaders and increases scrutiny on boards to select high-impact directors. Executive Search is our primary area of service to our clients where we help to find the best people and build successful management teams. With this quality aspect taken into consideration we recruit board members and board chairs as well. It’s our broad network of exceptional people that ensures we connect the person best suited to what a role will demand today and tomorrow.

Board Directors
We find directors who go beyond asking probing, penetrating questions—and advise boards on how to work most effectively as a team and with executive management. With greater regulatory scrutiny and raised expectations regarding risk management, most companies are looking for the board to offer more than compliance oversight. Directors need to be able to advise CEOs on the substance of strategic decisions, providing thoughtful, actionable guidance on how to effectively translate strategy into action. The best directors ask probing, penetrating questions and, when necessary, act when the standards of governance and fiduciary responsibility require intervention.

Non-Executive Chairpersons
We recruit chairs who own and embrace an active leadership role in guiding the CEO. Board chairs face pressure to instill a culture in the boardroom that is necessary for the board to be a true strategic asset for the CEO, management and shareholders. The chairman establishes expectations of the current CEO, plays an active role in CEO succession planning, and serves as a critical mentor and advisor to the CEO. Chairmen also proactively seek to build professional relationships with the management team.

Placement Follow-Up

The successful recruitment of the most relevant candidate marks the formal end of the assignment. But the real result can only be judged when the new executive has been in his or her job long enough to prove their worth. As part of the assignment, we remain in touch with both the client and the successful candidate until a reasonable period after the starting date, to help overcome any assimilation problems which might affect the success of the appointment.

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